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fox owlSly & Screech Switch-A-Rooz

When I opened the package and pulled this amazing soft Switch-A-Rooz I was instantly drawn to the beyond soft animal. Sly the fox was so bright & adorable. When I squeezed him. He was not too hard and he was not too soft, he was just right! I could easily picture one of the kids cuddling up with him; okay I won’t lie…….. I was looking for a blanket so I could cuddle and have a nap with the fox.

Than I had my hand on the bottom of the fox and for a brief moment my heart dropped 🙁 I thought there was a hole in the bottom of Sly the fox. To my delight, it was not a hole, the little “ding ding ding” in my head went off, Switch-A-Rooz, and I put my hand into Sly the Fox and pulled out what I found!!

owlfoxI found Screech the Owl!. She was so soft and beautiful just like Sly the fox! What 2 unique animals that are combined together that have 2 completely different skills in the wild, imagine their effectiveness if you could combine the two!! I LOVE that they have various “sets” of Switch-A-Rooz” to suit each persons experiences! Check them out!  

The tail and feet of the first animal neatly tucks in so the parts of the other don’t fall out; you would truly have no idea there was another animal there!

Wild Republic puts it best “Once they are together, Switch-A-Rooz and their BFFs are able to spread the messages of friendship and acceptance, inside and out.” These amazing stuffed animals can easily trigger the imagination. Everyone needs a BFF (Best Friend Forever), even your toys 🙂 Learn about BFF’s Here


Not only do you get an amazing stuffed toy (okay 2), you get a wonderful set of values and even coloring pages and more! Check them out!!

They are at a super affordable price at only $14.99! A must have to stick out of the top of the stocking !!!


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Giveaway Runs from Aug 22 until Sept 5th

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**I received a product free to try in exchange for my honest opinion. The sponsor was generous enough to offer to sponsor a giveaway for 2 lucky fans**

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