Wine Aerator by Bar Brat Review ~ #WineAeratorBarBrat

BarBrat BarBrat2Bar Brat Wine Aerator


I will be the first to admit I was skeptical when I received  this little device in the mail to try; at no charge in exchange for an honest review. Very simple appearance, sturdy, clear and easy to clean, but would this really make a difference in the taste of wine.


If your not familiar with what this device is; it is a wine aerator. Why do you need a wine aerator? Wine needs to breathe to allow it to open up, release its intended aromas, and of course, make it taste better

The does a wine aerator do? An aerator’s purpose is to expand the surface area of wine, which allows the air to mingle with it. Aerators force air to be circulated throughout it, the end result is a wine with an expanded aromatic profile and better tasting wine 🙂

I don’t drink very often, I can probably count the  amount of times I drank in the last 4 years on one hand, but we were going on vacation so I was looking forward to having a little sip when the kids sleep.

Barbrat2Here is the issues I had however 🙁 I was so overwhelmed with how well it worked and how amazing the wine tasted (I’m not normally not a wine drinker) I forgot to take pictures of it in my wine bottle.


Get yours on Amazon – Check it here 

I looked around at some of the more expensive aerators and didn’t see where they were as effective as the Bar Brat one that comes with a lifetime warranty. The reviews and my own experience with the Bar Brat wine aerator would defiantly put this on the top of my list 🙂

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